Monday, May 26, 2008

Week III

■ Workout One ■

3 Rounds 20 Reps For Time

Box Jumps Video Link
Dumbbell Cleans Video Link
Concept 2 Rower 500 meters Video Link

*If you do not have access to a rower do a 400 meter run
Suggest Weight 45lbs Men 25lbs Women scale down as needed

■ Workout Two ■

5 Rounds 10 Reps for Time

Ring Dips Video Link or Bench Dips Video Link
DB Bench 55lbs Men 25 lbs Women scale down as needed
Pull Ups or Dumbbell Row Video LInk 5 on each arm
Burpees Video Link

**Pull ups alternative Jumping Pull ups (see video blog)
If you do not have a pull up bar look for one at your local park or buy one at academy for a door pull up bar. If none of these are an option d0 dumbbell rows* double the reps per round!

■ Workout Three ■

8 Hill Repeats + Tabatta

Sprint up the hill jog back down to the bottom.
At the bottom squat as many times as possible for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds Do this 2 times before beginning the next hill repeat. Try to keep your numbers consistent on the squats. If you get 18 squats after the first hill push yourself to not drop below this number. Repeat this 8 times

*Look for best hill you can find that is least 50 yards
*If you do not have access to a hill, use stairs. Each hill would amount to running up 4 flights of stairs.

■ Workout Four ■

5 Rounds 10 Reps for time

Over Head Squat
Over Head Lunge
Decline Push Up

Elite Male: 70lbs.
Elite Female: 50 lbs.

*Scale weight to your ability

■ Workout Five ■

Back Squat 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5
Increase weight as you do each set of 5. Finish with max weight at five reps.

*Determine the weight that is appropriate to your ability. If you do not have access to heavy weight do 100 squat jumps

■ Workout 6 ■

5 Rounds, 5 Sets - Perform all movements through for one set.
Push Press
Over Head Lunge 4x
Push Jerk
Over Head Lunge 4x

Elite Male: 130lbs.
Elite Female: 90lbs.

*Scale weight to your ability

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